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/ Ed /


Ed is aware that his enthusiastic and radical ideas for Berwick are not popular with everyone. He introduces himself as “the nuisance of Berwick”.  

“Berwick is the last pinnacle of England,” Ed says emphatically, “and has always been regarded very much as its own place, just slightly beyond the realm of the rest of Northumberland, but not Scottish.”

Ed is a former officer with the King's Own Scottish Borders Regiment, the only Scottish regiment that was in England before it closed in 2006. He served with them from 1991 to 1999. 

Now he works as the Kings Own Borders association secretary and liaises with English Heritage, who have taken over the management of the barracks, which is now an under-funded and under-staffed museum. 

Because of Berwick’s geographic misfortune, Ed advocates for Berwick to become self-governing, with power to control its own tax, including low business taxes to make up for some of the disadvantages - much like Monaco.

“Even though it’s cold and freezing and there’s not a yacht or BMW for miles there are parallels. Monaco is somewhere that’s surrounded by France and that sits on the sea. It’s a place that’s doing its own thing on its own terms and, look at it: it’s successful isn’t it? It’s a very wealthy place.”

Ed is concerned that Berwickers are not preparing themselves for a possible yes vote, which could plunge Berwick into further economic hardship and political isolation, so much so, that he might actually run for local MP next year.


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