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And so england waits


/ And so England Waits /


2 miles north of where we are, border posts might be erected if Theresa May’s threat over Alex Salmond’s more welcoming immigration policy is serious. What about the people who live in England but who use shops, hospitals or have businesses in Scotland or those who live blissfully unaware of where exactly the borderline actually is? How are their lives set to change?

And while some on the border worry about the possible disruption, others are hoping greater Scottish autonomy might stir passions for achieving greater self-governance. Growing demands for more regional autonomy from groups in Wales and Cornwell can be heard, as well as those in the long neglected North of England, who all increasing question the greater concentration of wealth in the southeast as well as share a sense of not being fairly represented in Westminster.

No one, neither north or south of the border, knows how our lives might change. And whichever way the vote goes, changes will happen. So while Scotland votes, those on the English side wait to see what will happen and, until then, can only ponder on what our lives are like now, and how they might change in the future as the United Kingdom sets about the process of reshaping itself.


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